How To End Mission In Silent Hunter 4

While it is a top notch strategy action game, many players initially wonder how to end a mission in Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific. The game is intense and super fun to play but the directions and helpful tips are sometime lacking. But relax, it is one of those silly things that will make you scratch you head and wonder how the Hell you ever missed something so obvious.

To end a mission in Silent Hunter 4, you will need:

  • A copy of Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific
  • Perhaps the 1.4 patch
  1. The patch. If you are done with your patrol, sunk a few freighters and tankers and are ready to head home, you may be puzzled. You probably went into a port and your ship was restocked but nothing ended. To end the mission in Silent Hunter 4 you need to go to your home port. We will get to that in a second because you could be playing a buggy first release of the game. If you have U-boat missions in your copy of Silent Hunter 4, then you are up to date. If not, you will need to go to the company website or a search engine to obtain the 1.4 patch which will update your game.
  2. Which port is which? You have to return to your home port of Silent Hunter 4. Do you see all the anchor icons on your navigational map? The upright or straight anchors are ports you can refit your ship at but not end the mission. Find the anchor icon on your navigational map that is slanted. That is your home port.
  3. Hey I don't see my home port. There will times when you will not see the slanted anchor icon and you will have no idea how to end the mission in Silent Hunter 4. This could be due to a couple factors. First off, you started your mission at your home port. If you can no longer see it because you have traveled too far, well then zoom out on your map.
  4. My home port was captured. Sometimes in Silent Hunter 4, the enemy captures your home port and you will not be able to end the mission. All you have to do in this instance is wait a few days and your home port will return or a new one will appear.  
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