How To Enhance Pregnant Sex

Sex during pregnancy will be different, but it can be just as good, or even more satisfying than before, if you take the time to learn how to enhance sex during pregnancy. The key to good sex during pregnancy is to be sensitive to your partner. She may feel insecure about the changes in her body, and the hormones of pregnancy can make everything seem different, including sex.

  1. Avoiding stimulating sore breasts. During the first few months of pregnancy, a woman’s breasts are likely to be sore and very sensitive. Try to avoid putting pressure on breasts or touching them at this time, unless she asks you to. Then, at the end of pregnancy, her breasts may be uncomfortable again, as they will be larger than usual and may also be leaking a little milk. Aside from this possibly being embarrassing for your girl, stimulating breasts that are leaking will likely make them produce more milk, which you don’t necessarily want before the baby arrives.
  2. Experiment with different positions. For couples that tend to stick to traditional man-on-top sex, this is a great time to experiment. This position can put pressure on sensitive breasts, as well as being uncomfortable for a pregnant belly as time goes on. Woman-on-top is a good position for pregnancy, as this allows the female to control the speed and depth of penetration, helpful especially for women who have issues with a sensitive cervix during pregnancy. The couple can also try lying together and facing each other for sex, or using the position with the woman on hands and knees and man penetrating from behind.
  3. Buy new lingerie. Some women don’t like their pregnant bodies, or feel self-conscious about them. Even those that love being pregnant might be disheartened that none of their regular pieces of lingerie fit. Buy your wife some classy, but sexy, new pregnancy lingerie and you will win big points for thoughtfulness and see her in something new and hot.
  4. Spend time on foreplay. Some women have more sexual desire while pregnant, and some have less. Either way, now is a great time to show her that you care and that you still think she’s desirable. Most sexual activity is fine during pregnancy, just be careful if performing oral sex on a pregnant woman. Be very cautious not to blow air into her vagina, as this can be very dangerous to a pregnant woman and her baby.

The nine months of pregnancy are exciting and scary for many reasons, including the changes in your sex life. Being patient and letting the woman know you still think she’s sexy will go a long way to enhancing sex during pregnancy.

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