How To Enjoy Masturbation

Learning how to enjoy masturbation can be beneficial for those that are tired doing the same thing every time they masturbate. Masturbating does not have to be a chore, there are various ways you can spice up your time masturbating from toys to asking your lover (if you have one) to join along. Some of the ideas listed below are "ballsey" (no pun intended), but are sure to take your normal masturbating time from ordinary to extraordinary. Below you can read a short guide on some unconventional ideas that can help you enjoy masturbating. 

Things you need:

  • A willing partner (optional)
  • Adult toys
  • Phone
  • Webcam
  1. Asking your lover to take part. While masturbating is a way those without a lover pass the time and release some sexual frustration, have a mutual masturbating session can prove to be enjoyable. If you have a partner that is willing to masturbate with you then you are well on your way to an enjoyable night. A popular mutual masturbation method includes both of you using adult toys to pleasure each other to orgasm. You can use a vibrator on her and she can use the ever popular male masturbation aid known as the Fleshlight.
  2. Phone sex. There are countless services available for men to initiate phone sex with a stranger over the phone. While it can cost money it is still a method to taking your masturbating more interesting. Once you have called the phone sex service you are able to customize your session when it comes to the type of person you speak with. You can talk to someone that is innocent and sweet or even a dominatrix, there are countless women to choose from that are more than willing to serve you.
  3. Enjoy the benefits on cyber-sex. Cyber-sex is a growing trend among men and women across the web. All you need is access to the Internet and a webcam and you are well on your way. Once you have signed up for an adult webcam website, you can either click on someone else's webcam or open one up of your own and masturbate for an audience.
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