How To Enjoy Oral Sex

If you want pleasure without having sexual intercourse, you must know how to enjoy oral sex. According to, oral sex is common sexual behavior. Just in case you and your lover have never tried oral sex, don’t be afraid to experience it! If you don’t give it a shot, you will never know what oral sex is really like. These three ways will show you how to enjoy oral sex.

  1. Cunnilingus The first way how to enjoy oral sex is to have oral contact with your lover’s vagina. Basically, you will kiss, lick, suck and nibble the vagina with different pressure, speed and motion that will lead to orgasm. Since there are no set rules for oral sex, you are welcome to do anything that will flow your boat. Or you can find out what your lover wants and do it upon her request for the extreme pleasure.
  2. Fellatio The second way how to enjoy oral sex is to let your lover touch your penis with her mouth. It is just like cunnilingus. The great news about fellatio is your lover can use the “Snaky-Lick Trick” for super sensation that will lead to a quick and strong ejaculation. She will perform this trick all the way with the tip of her tongue on the sensitive part of your penis and its head. The other trick is to let her stroke your scrotum gently while sucking and licking your penis.
  3. The 69 position The last way how to enjoy oral sex is to get into the 69 position. In other words, both of you will be stimulating each other’s genitals at the same time. Everyone can look forward to get sexually excited with tongue and mouth movements. It might seem very awkward at first; however, the two of you will fall in love with the position gradually. 
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