How to Enjoy Sex Without a Partner

Let’s admit it: Sex with a partner is great, but enjoying yourself solo can be just as fun – if you know what you’re doing. But how do you really enjoy sex when it’s just you, alone with your own company? Are there ways – techniques — that will make the act of masturbating more enjoyable? Or is it all about how you feel when you’re doing the deed?

  1. First off, the most important thing to remember when engaging in solo sex is to not feel guilty. Many people think that masturbation is a bad thing, but it helps to relieve tension and that rush of chemicals after an orgasm can help you feel more energized and alive. Don’t let someone make you feel guilty for enjoying sex by yourself; it can ruin your chances at real, true pleasure.
  2. Be in a comfortable position. Simple enough, right? Make sure that you can pleasure yourself without bending too much or hurting yourself. Pain can be a quick way to end the pleasure and enjoyment that you feel from sex without a partner.
  3. Have the right tools for the job. Okay, so while you may just be using your own hands a lot of the time, toys can really enhance the overall experience. A really good dildo can and will do you wonders – just try and get one that is the right size. A dildo that is too big can hurt and really make the act something that isn’t nearly as much fun as it can be.
  4. Lubrication is a must. Sure, you can just use spit as a lubricant, but, if possible, get something else to make sure that you are not dry, but also moist. Nothing can take away the enjoyment of a masturbation session more than dryness and pain while trying to place a tool in the right places! Guys, especially, know how badly it can hurt when one tries to masturbate without lubrication.
  5. Use other means to get the job done. Guys love to look at pictures and videos; some girls may love that, too. Whatever you like to look at that makes you feel horny should be used to increase your enjoyment when having sex without a partner, whether it’s by watching a short clip or a longer porno movie. It will help in getting you excited and ready to go and may even help you to finish with a gasp at times.

Masturbation is something that many people do each day of their lives. It can be something that helps them after a long, hard, stress-filled day, or it can just be the way they prepare for bed. No matter your own reason, it’s very possible to be able to enjoy sex without a partner!

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