How To Enjoy Sex

How to enjoy sex is beyond getting an orgasm, it also connecting on an emotional level with the woman you love. It takes understanding and work to make the experience more enjoyable so if you feel you or your lady is lacking sexual passion, read the article for ideas to keep things hot in the bedroom.

  1. Communication. To enjoy sex is not suffering through a bad sexual experience because you're afraid hurting her feelings. Whether you are receiving a bad blowjob or she lays flat like a dead fish, talk to your woman about your concerns in a calm voice, and guide her through so she understands what you like and dislike. The same should be for your woman too, asks her what drives her wild so it stays as a reminder each time you both have sex. Communication is a two way street and a vital key in great sex.
  2. Explore different sex positions. If you know exactly what position you and your partner does during every sex act, and then it's time to switch things up and try something new. Rent an adult film to try out a sex position that is easy to do or buy a book on sexual positions for couples and try it in bed. This one of the different ways to enjoy sex with your partner and bring you two together.
  3. Role-play. Fantasy is a turn on so be that hot cowboy for your girl or she can be a slutty cheerleader for you. Buy costumes for the act and just feed off what each other saying and it eventually lead from one thing to the next
  4. Go to public places. Instead of sex in the bedroom, drive to a nice spot with less people. One of the ideas is at a public restroom, it can be at an outside a public park but go at a time when there are less people or suggest your lady to give oral sex in a street with light traffic.
  5. Talk dirty to one another. When you are out and about, whisper dirty things to each other, whether you are on the train, out shopping, standing in line at a grocery store or visiting a library. You can take the experience of going to a library at a whole new level. Touching each other without making it obvious is a lot of fun because only you two know it.
  6. Appreciate your significant other. When you show appreciation outside the bedroom, your connection with your partner builds up and makes sex enjoyable. Tell her how much you care and love her, do sweet things to show she is your top priority and in return she will do the same.
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