How To Enjoy Urethral Stimulation

Once you know how to enjoy urethral stimulation, it takes sex to a whole new level. The tissue around the urethra is full of nerve-endings and can be stimulated with some very pleasurable results. Stimulation of the G-spot and surrounding tissues in women can result in amazing orgasms and even female ejaculation.

What you'll need: 

  • Time
  • Patience
  1. Find her urethral sponge. The spongy tissue along the anterior wall of the vagina just behind the pubic bone is easy to find. It swells with blood when aroused and, other than the cervix, is the most obvious landmark within the vagina. According to Zach Sneddon, sex researcher, the best way to enjoy urethral stimulation with penile penetration is through the rear-entry sexual position.
  2. Take your time. Go slowly when introducing G-spot or urethral stimulation to give both of you the chance to get used to the experience. This will increase her chances of orgasm or even ejaculation. In the urethral sponge lies a prostate-like organ that, when stimulated, can cause an ejaculatory response from the urethra. This ejaculate is chemically different from urine and more closely resembles male seminal fluid.  
  3. Stimulate the urethral sponge with fingers. Insert two fingers into your partner's vagina and crook them upward into the flesh of her urethral sponge and back toward her pubic bone. Stroke slowly this way for some time until she becomes used to this sensation.  
  4. Change pressure. Continue moving slowly and experiment with changing the pressure and angle of stimulation. You may want to flick your fingers along this area in an alternating fashion. You can also press the palm or fingers of your other hand onto the flesh of her pubic mound, giving her urethral sponge pressure from within and without the vagina.    
  5. Adjust. Your partner may feel several shifts in feeling as her body acclimates to the sensations you are giving her. It may feel uncomfortable, too intense, and "wrong."  Help her relax by massaging her hips or buttocks or stimulating her clitoris. Tell her to relax into the sensation. If she is worried she might have to urinate, this is actually a good sign. Impending ejaculation feels very similar to impending urination, but urination will not happen while she is aroused.
  6. Encourage her to let go and bear down. Bearing down while tilting the pelvis upward can make the difference between a traditional orgasm and one with ejaculation. If she does ejaculate, it will feel intense to her, with waves of pleasure that fill her pelvis and radiate outward throughout the rest of her body. It can bring on an emotional release as well, so do not be surprised if orgasm also brings tears or laughter. Often, other than the intensity of feelings, the biggest indicator that a woman has ejaculated is a large wet spot on the bed and a notable decrease in friction inside her vagina.


Urethral stimulation is best done slowly and with some pressure.

Let the woman guide you.

Remember a feeling of impending urination is a good sign.

Let go.




Don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen right away; urethral stimulation takes some getting used to.

Make sure to use perfect hygiene. Pay attention to the length of your nails.

If feelings become too intense, stop and try again later.

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