How To Enter Audio Keycode On Land Rover

Knowing how to enter the audio keycode on a Land Rover can make replacing your stereo a breeze. Every automobile manufacturer has a different method for inputting audio codes, and thankfully Land Rover has one of the easiest. So if you had to replace a battery, or if your radio was disconnected, just follow this simple four-step guide and your Land Rover’s radio will be playing tunes again.

  1. Obtain code. The four-digit audio keycode for your Land Rover will be located within the operating manual or with the paperwork you received when you bought the car. If you cannot locate the audio keycode you will have to obtain one from an authorized dealer. You will need to provide the dealer with the serial number from the rear of the radio or with proof of ownership (title, registration, etc.) before they will give you the correct code. Please note that entering an incorrect audio keycode will cause the radio to stop functioning for a set period of time (usually two minutes). Each successive incorrect code will double the amount of time the radio is disabled (from two minutes to four minutes, four minutes to eight minutes, and so on). If you do enter an incorrect audio keycode the word “WAIT” will appear on the display screen. Leave the radio on until it changes back to “CODE”.
  2. Turn on the radio. Insert your key into the ignition and turn it two clicks clockwise. Turn the radio on by pressing the power button. This will cause the radio to display the word “CODE”, indicating that it is ready to receive the audio keycode.
  3. Input the code. You must use the Land Rover radio’s tuning button to input the audio code. Press “up” or “down” on the tuning button until the first digit of the audio keycode appears. Press the “preset 1” button to lock that number into place and advance to the next one. Select all four numbers in this way.
  4. Test it out. If you entered the correct audio keycode, a two-tone beep will sound and the radio will begin operating. If your Land Rover radio is equipped with a CD changer, GPS, or DVD player, make sure they are functioning as well.
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