How To Enter Cheat Codes For GTA 3

You may have found some really nice cheats on the internet to use for your copy of “GTA 3,” but now you might be interested in knowing how to enter cheat codes for “GTA 3.” Of course, there isn’t an obvious way to enter cheat codes for “GTA 3” since there is nothing in the menu concerning cheats. If you’re ready to start using your cheats for “GTA 3,” check out this incredibly easy guide and you’ll have all of the perks in no time.

  1. Launch “GTA 3.” From your computer, launch the game either from the Start menu or from your desktop. Wait for the game to fully load, and wait for your save file to load.
  2. Make sure that you are playing the game, and you do not have the pause menu showing. Because the cheats have to be entered during gameplay, make sure that you are indeed playing the game.
  3. To enter cheat codes for “GTA 3,” type the cheat in using your keyboard. While the game is running, simply use your keyboard to type the cheat out. You do not need to use quotation marks, and the game does not need to be paused. Just type the cheat during normal gameplay and the cheat will activate.
  4. Wait for the message, “Cheat Activated.” On “GTA 3,” if you’ve typed a cheat code correctly, a message will appear on the screen confirming that it received the cheat. If you don’t see the message “Cheat Activated,” try again or try another cheat. If it still does not work, make sure that your Caps Lock button is not toggled. Happy gaming!
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