How To Enter Cheats On GTA 4

Figuring out how to enter cheats on GTA 4 is new compared to prior GTA games. In the past, gamers must solely use the buttons on their game controllers to access codes. This time around, it requires the use of the main character's cell phone where you type in only numbers instead of mixture of numbers and letters.

  1. Stand outside to enter cheats. Enter cheats on GTA 4 by standing outside in an open area, especially if you are using cheats to spawn cars, motorcycles or helicopters. For other uses like the weather and weapons, you can use the mobile phone while driving or taking a cab as a customer.
  2. Enter cheats for the PS3. To activate cheats in GTA 4 on the Playstation 3, use the upper arrow on the directional pad twice. On the bottom right screen, the mobile phone will be in view. Place the cheat code numbers in the keypad as you do with a real cell phone and then press the green phone icon to dial. You should get a message in the upper right corner on the screen saying that the cheats activated.
  3. Enter cheats for Xbox 360. To enter cheat codes on Xbox 360, press up on the directional pad twice to view the entire mobile phone. Once you see the keypad, enter the numbers you wish to use to activate the cheats, then use the green phone symbol to turn on the codes.
  4. Enter cheats For PC. On the keyboard, use the arrow twice to show the full mobile phone and then press the directional arrows or numeric keypad to dial each number to place in the cheat codes.



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