How to Enter Honda Accord Radio Code

Need to know how to enter a Honda Accord radio code? If you have ever needed to enter the radio code for your Honda Accord, you know it can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know the correct steps to take. Hopefully this guide will shed some light on the whole process and help you correctly enter your Honda Accord’s radio code.

  1. Clear all radio codes. The first thing you need to do is make sure your radio has cleared any and all of its old codes. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery and wait twenty seconds to reconnect. This will reset the radio to its factory defaults.
  2. Obtain the radio code. Every Honda Accord comes with a small card that has the five-digit radio code printed on it. This card should be located in the owner’s manual or with the papers you received when you purchased the car. If you have lost or misplaced this card you will need to call or visit a certified Honda dealer to get the correct code for your Accord. Make sure you have proof that you are the owner of the car when visiting the dealer, or the serial number from the back of the radio when calling. To obtain the serial number you will have to remove the radio from the dashboard of your Honda Accord.
  3. Turn on your radio and enter the code. When you first turn on your radio it will display the word “code.” To enter the code, use the preset station buttons (numbered one through six) on the face of the radio. If you have done this correctly, the word “code” will disappear and the radio will begin working. Make sure you store the radio code card for your Honda Accord in a safe place for future use.



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