How To Enter The NFL Draft

If you are a great college football player, you may have considered playing professionally and asking how to enter the NFL Draft. Every year the NFL holds an annual selection meeting, known as the Draft. The process to enter the NFL Draft may be grueling, but the following steps will help guide you through the basic process of becoming a professional football player.

  1. Understand eligibility rules before you attempt to enter the NFL Draft. Many players have entered the draft prematurely. The consequences of doing so can include not being drafted, or being unable to resume your college career if you still have remaining college eligibility. Learning both the NFL entry and college eligibility rules will help you make an informed decision.
  2. Hire an Agent. Once your decision has been made to enter the NFL Draft, you will need to hire an agent to represent you. Your agent will guide you through the process, negotiate on your behalf, and will assist with your preparations for the Draft. Ask your coaches or someone you trust to help you select a skilled agent who will have your best interests in mind.
  3. Start training for the combine. The combine is a multi-day event held every year in Indianapolis that brings together invited NFL prospects for evaluation. This evaluation continues with individual workouts and "Pro Days" held at schools with draft prospects. These evaluations before the Draft require the player to perform specific drills, most of which are are non-football drills designed to evaluate your athletic potential.
  4. Refine your interview skills. Any job will require you to interview for the position you seek. NFL teams may ask you about your personal history, test your football knowledge or even assess your mental stability. You will also face questions from the media. It is important to represent yourself as a professional or it will harm your value in the Draft.


NFL teams value players with a high level of personal responsibility. Your chances of being drafted increase if you possess a solid moral character.




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