How To Enter Sundance Film Festival

Knowing how to enter the Sundance Film Festival properly will help to ensure that your submission is accepted and avoid additional fees. You can enter the Sundance Film Festival yearly as long as the current years deadlines are met.

Steps to Enter Sundance Film Festival:

  1. Find the current year’s deadline. Be sure the film is ready to go well in advance of the Sundance Film Festival submission deadline. Deadlines are posted on the Sundance Film Festival website.
  2. Read the Sundance Film Festival FAQ. The Submission FAQ’s should be read thoroughly before you enter Sundance Film Festival. This will ensure films meet the eligibility requirements.
  3. Complete the Sundance Film Festival application and fees. Written applications are not accepted and must be completed online. To complete an online application for Sundance Film Festival, create an account at Withoutabox. The submission fees must be paid based on the submission deadline. Print out the confirmation page that is sent after completing the application.
  4. Determine the films submission category. Films are not submitted directly to one specific program. Entrants must choose one of six submission categories – U.S. Narrative Feature Films, U.S. Documentary Feature Films, International Narrative Feature Films, International Documentary Feature Films, U.S Short Films or International Short Films. Generally, short films are less than 49 minutes and feature films are longer than 50 minutes. U.S and International categories are determined by the film’s financing.
  5. Prepare the film for submission. Films must be prepared on a DVD-R or DVD+R disc only and should be sent in a paper CD/DVD sleeve as the case will be discarded once the film is received. The disc should be labeled with a permanent marker without labels or stickers.
  6. Mail DVD and application confirmation to Sundance Film Festival. The film must be received by the Sundance Film Festival office prior to the submission deadline. Packaged postmarked, but not received, prior to the deadline do not meet the deadline requirements. Entrants who pay for the early deadline fee and fail to meet the deadline, will be charged additional fees to meet the late submission fee requirements. 

Additional Tips for Entering Sundance Film Festival:

  • Clear copyrights before entering. Entrants must clear any copyright issues and obtain permission for the use of all copyrighted material including music.
  • Films which were previously submitted and rejected must have changed significantly before they can be resubmitted.
  • Films must be less than two years old to qualify for submission to Sundance Film Festival.


Sundance Film Festival Submission Deadlines

Sundance Film Festival Submission FAQ's

Withoutabox Account Registration

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