How To Erase People Off Of The Wii Fit

Knowing how to erase people off of the Wii Fit is necessary in order to protect user data, or simply to add additional Wii Fit profiles in the future. The default number of Wii Fit profiles allowed in the game is eight. Thus, you will find it useful to erase people to make more room for friends and family who wish to participate in the game.

To erase people off of the Wii Fit, you will need:

  • A Wii console
  • The Wii Fit video game
  1. Insert the Wii Fit game into your Wii, and start the game from the console's main menu. Please note that in order to erase people off of the Wii Fit, you need to have at least one player created. Any default player generated by the console cannot be erased from the system.
  2. Click on the desired player within the Wii Fit main menu, followed by "Start." This will bring you to the player's individual profile, where you can view your general Wii Fit status. From here, you will also have the ability to modify your data, allowing you to erase people off of the Wii Fit game.
  3. Click on "User Settings," located at the left of your screen. This option allows you to modify your fitness and game status, such as changing the layout of your Wii Fit calendar and switching your Wii Fit trainer.
  4. Click on "Delete User Data" in order to erase people off of the Wii Fit successfully. Once you erase people off of the Wii Fit Plaza, you will be able to place additional players into the Wii Fit video game.

Warning: if you erase people off of the Wii Fit game, you will lose all of the player's data permanently, and this action cannot be undone.



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