How to Estimate House Painting Expenses

It is important to know how to estimate house painting expenses before you head to the store to buy your supplies. One of the worst things that can happen is that you run out of paint while in the middle of painting a room. And it’s not good for your wallet to have multiple cans of leftover paint. Get everything you need for house painting within budget on the first try.

Calculate your painting surface. Measure the width of the walls in the room and multiply that by the height of the walls. This will give you the square footage and the painting surface. Subtract the square footage of the doors and windows if you’re going to use different paint for those features. With this measurement you’re able to figure out how many cans of paint you’ll need for house painting. A general rule is that one gallon of paint covers 350 square feet. New drywall will require more paint because it is more absorbent. Double this number if you plan to apply two coats of paint to the walls. A gallon of paint costs between $12-$50 per gallon.

Estimate the amount of supplies. You will need rollers, roller trays, a roller extension pole, a drop cloth and paint brushes for your house painting project. A painting job you plan to complete in one room, in one color and on one day will need one or two rollers. Purchase one roller and one roller tray for each color that you will apply to the wall. Also an additional roller for each day you’ll be house painting. Purchase two high quality paint brushes, one for trim and another for broader areas. Drop clothes are reusable and can be moved around the room. One drop cloth at least half of the size of the room is sufficient.

Bargain shop for paint and supplies. Take the list of items you’ll need for your paint job and research the supply prices for at least two home improvement stores. Choose the brand of paint you prefer for the best price. Tally up your house painting expenses.

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