How To Even Out Fading In Jeans

Washing your jeans several times has caused them to fade and now you want to know how to even out fading in jeans. You don't want to give up wearing some of your favorite jeans, but the fading of them is just annoying you. It can be hard at times to keep jeans from fading, especially with continuous washing in the washing machine. It is possible and very easy to even out fading in jeans.

To even out fading in jeans you need:

  • sandpaper
  • pencil
  1. Use the roughest sandpaper that you can find. If you don't already have sandpaper at home in your garage, you can purchase sandpaper from any hardware store for a fairly cheap price.
  2. Put on your jeans. Mark with a pencil where you want to adjust the fade to even it out. The strongest part of the fade is usually at the knees and then it goes out towards the ankles of the jeans and fades out towards the waist of the jeans.
  3. Take off your jeans to use the sandpaper. Use sandpaper to rub the area that you have marked to darken the jeans. Keep rubbing the area until the fade matches the color of the rest of the jeans.
  4. Finish the fade. Move to each area that you need to rub to even out the fading in your jeans and continue to rub the sandpaper until you've reached the desired fade in all areas of the jeans. Remember that the fade is a little bit heavier toward the knees and then gets lighter toward the ends.
  5. Wash the jeans. Use the washing machine to wash the jeans when you are done evening out the fade. Dry them completely in the dryer to see the final product. Make any adjustments necessary by rubbing more sandpaper if you need to even out any additional fading of your jeans.
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