How To Excel In Pharmaceutical Sales

If you are looking for a lucrative sales career, then you should learn how to excel in pharmaceutical sales.  As a pharmaceutical sales representative, you will be responsible for providing information and samples of medicine to doctor's offices.  You will need try your hardest to prove that the company you are representing provides the best treatments for their patients. 

  1. Brush up on your pharmacology.  As a pharmaceutical salesman you will need to be an expert in the field.  Taking an introductory class in pharmacology can help you learn the language and science of the trade.  Your local junior college would be a good place to start.  Classes in chemistry, biology, and business practices will also prepare you for this job.
  2. Obtain a job with a pharmaceutical company.  You will need to get a job with a pharmaceutical company in order to be a salesman.  Practice discussing sales techniques and pharmacology terms before your interview.  Dress professionally and bring your resume.  Be sure to mention your college coursework as well as any sales experience you might have.
  3. Look Professional.  As a salesman, you will look more professional if you carry a briefcase and wear a suit and tie. A briefcase is also the perfect place to store your samples and information packets that doctors will be able to use to help treat their patients.  In addition, keeping an extra shirt in the car would be helpful.  You never know when you might spill some ketchup on yourself during lunch. If you look your best, you will come off much more serious than someone who looks sloppy.  Keep yourself clean shaven and comb your hair.  Besides, you never know who you will meet while on this job.
  4. Practice your memory skills.  In many doctor's offices, nurses run the front desk and keep track of appointments.  It is imperative that you learn the girls' names. A little wink and smile won't hurt either.  This will make them more likely to allow you to speak to the doctors in the office about your pharmaceuticals during their busy days.  Learn about the doctors you will talk to.  If they like golf, mention that you play.  If they can relate to you they will feel more comfortable listening to what you have to say.
  5. Do your research and study your notes. While you do not have to be a scientific genius to be a pharmaceutical salesman, a general knowledge of chemistry and scientific theories will suffice.  In pharmaceutical sales it is necessary to know about the medicines that you are selling and how they work.  For the most part of your job, you will be selling more than one type of pharmaceutical.  In many cases, your pharmaceuticals will have competitive drugs on the market and you will need to provide the assurance that your products are the better than any others.  In addition, you will need to supply the doctors with information about dosage requirements, possible side effects, and duration of treatment for your products. You may even need to provide information about clinical trials which shows evidence that your products work.  The easier you make it for the doctors to use your samples, the more likely they will be in recommending your pharmaceuticals for prescriptions.


It would be helpful for you to know what products you are selling.  If you are unsure of what a medicine does, be sure to research it before attempting to sell the pharmaceuticals at doctor's offices.  Do not keep samples for yourself or friends.  Your employer is providing you samples that need a prescription to ensure correct dosing occurs.  It is illegal to use these for your own good.

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