How To Exercise With Dumbbells

If you cannot find the time, nor have the money to join the gym, then you should learn how to exercise with dumbbells. Dumbbells are quite versatile in the workout and can be used to tone many parts of the body and build muscle if desired. After time spent watching instructional videos or trained personally on how to use them, the dumbbell can be the easiest weight to use in body sculpting. With these instructions, videos or trainers may not even be necessary.

  1. You must first find the right dumbbells for your intentions. Depending on what our goals are is how you determine the type and weight of the dumbbell. Of course light weights are basically for toning the body while heavier ones are used for body building. Shopping at specialized fitness or sports outlets are usually best when looking for equipment. Not only do you want to have the right weight; but the grip is also important for comfort during your workout.
  2. Find the right exercises for the targeted parts of the body. The next important aspect of exercising with dumbbells is earning as many techniques to perform in your workout. For example: biceps curls can be done which isolate the biceps, toning and making them stronger. To further isolate the biceps, you may want to press your triceps against your inner thigh while doing the repetitions. Triceps extensions are another easy exercise that works quite well. Simply bending over and stretching your arm out straight to the side, then bending it inwards works the triceps muscles effectively. This can be done over the head as well, but in this case, the resting position would be a bent arm, then extending the arm to work the muscle.
  3. Decide your repetitions according to the result you are looking for. Fewer repetitions with heavier weights promotes muscle building while more repetitions with lighter weights are primarily for toning and shaping. When you have decided upon your end goal, the number of sets should be easy to figure out.
  4. Balance your workout with a healthy nutritious lifestyle. Eating right, as with any form of workout, is essential to getting the results you desire. You will never be successful with any weight training unless you change bad eating habits. So, as you follow instructions and monitor your repetitions, you must not forget to maintain your nutritional aspects of the health routine.
Using dumbbells is very easy and brings sure results. Feel free to experiment with different exercises with your hand held weights.



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