How To Exercise Neck And Chin Muscles

Do you look at your reflection and think to yourself there has to be a way how to exercise neck and chin muscles? Well, there is and we are all subject to the need for the exercises. Neck and chin muscle exercises not only tone the face and deflect the aging process, but also can provide stress management.

There are several ways to exercise neck and chin muscles, but we will explore the most basic and effective, as you must start somewhere. There isn’t really much needed to perform these exercises, except perhaps some sort of lotion to soften and moisturize the skin or some water to splash in the chin and neck area and a mirror to watch your face exercises – not that you will look too attractive making the goofy faces required.

  1. Start with a mirror. Looking forward, use your index finger and thumb to gently pull down the skin on your neck as you raise your head up. You should not pull until it hurts, just a gentle tug. You will need to repeat ten times.
  2. Working on the under-chin will be the next move. Clamping your lips and teeth together, you will be using your tongue for resistance. Pushing your tongue against your bottom jaw, push and hold for ten seconds, repeating six times. Placing two fingers at the base of the neck will also increase resistance.
  3. Purse your lips together, but not for anger. You want to get the lips as tight as possible and extend the lower jaw as far as possible. Continue by moving the jaw up and holding, down and holding, circling and switching from side to side. This will provide a full toning for the chin and neck.
  4. Nodding can work! Nod your head in each direction, emphasizing the jaw to exercise neck and chin muscles. When you feel resistance, stop and hold for ten seconds. Turn to each side and make sure to keep your back and neck as straight as possible.
  5. With the mouth open extend your jaw. Lock the jaw in place and bounce it lightly until you feel the slightest resistance. Continue in intervals of fifteen or until you are feeling pain.

When you exercise neck and chin muscles, you have to ensure that you do not strain the face. You cannot overwork the face as it will show much more than with any other muscles. When you know how to properly exercise neck and chin muscles, you will find that aging is taking its sweetest time.

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