How To Exercise Outside Chest Muscles

Exercising your outside chest muscles, which are most commonly referred to as the pectoral muscles, is very important to your physique. You can have a quite lean body, but if you haven’t built your pectoral muscles your body will still seem as if it is just not quite right.

There are four main exercises that are sure to exercise the outside chest muscles optimally, ensuring that your physique will reflect the fitness. Please remember, according to, it is essential that you evaluate your health before beginning any exercise regimen.

  1. Flat Bench Press. The flat bench press allows for maximum exercise for your outside chest muscles. Laying on your back, grab the weight bar with your palms outer facing and lift away from the chest. Bring slightly above the chest and repeat three sets for eight to twelve repetitions.
  2. Incline Bench Press. Inclining the flat bench, you can use this exercise to fully target your upper chest muscles. To exercise the outside chest muscles properly, you perform the same start-off, with less weight and lowering the bar a bit higher for the same repetitions.
  3. Dumbbell Chest Flyer. Using dumbbells, you simply lie either in the inclined or flat bench press position. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, extend the arms across the chest, reaching over to extend alternately until a stretch is felt. Hold for five seconds and repeat for three minutes.
  4. Push-ups. Push-ups have the great advantage of benefiting many muscles, with slightly different stances offering different effects. For exercising outside chest muscles, you simply perform the standard push-up with the arms level with the hips and the dip as low as possible without losing stance. The more level with your hips and feet, the more exercise the outside chest muscles receive.

When you are seeking to exercise your outside chest muscles, there are several other ways, but these four are the main and most important exercises for outside chest muscles. These exercises and many others can help perfect your physique.


American Council on Exercise

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