How to Exercise on a Plane: 5 Lifesavers

How to Exercise on a Plane: 5 Lifesavers

There's nothing more annoying than being cramped in a tight space with barely enough leg room for more than a couple of hours. Unless you have the flexibility to cross your legs and prop them up on the seat table in front of you, fetal-style, you're in for a world of swelling, sore joints, and if you're really lucky, some deep vein thrombosis. So grab a pair of flight socks, drink lots of water, and get moving while you're in the air. There's nothing else to doand those movies aren't that great…

1) Stretch Those Calves – Difficulty Level: Medium-High

Dig those heels into the floor and raise your toes up and back as high as you can. If you're tall, you might have to lean to one side and do one calf at a time.

2) Rotate Your Ankles – Difficulty Level: Medium

Roll your ankles around both clockwise and anti-clockwise every hour or so. If you're tall, you might have to cross your legs first and rotate the top ankle.

3) Clench Your Buttocks – Difficulty Level: Easy

Sounds odd, but trust me, no one is going to notice that extra half inch in height you'll gain. Clenching your buttocks will force you to sit up a little straighter, adjusting your posture, and also get the largest muscles in your body moving. It's suck a good trick, you might want to try it in your office cubicle, too.

4) Head Rolls – Difficult Level: Mid

Given you can't roll your neck backwards with the headrest behind you, you're kind of limited to stretching here. Try touching your right ear to your right shoulder and then work the left side. If you can hold each position for 3-5 seconds, roll your shoulders back and bend your head down, chin to chest, and roll your head in semicircles, left to right, right to left.

5) Reach For The Sky – Difficulty Level: Easy

Stretch your arms whenever you can. Straight ahead in front of you (watch other passengers' heads), below you (try reaching those toesies of yours), above you (but not when the flight attendants are walking by unless you want to volunteer yourself to receive credit card applications or landing cards you already have). Honestly, even if you're tall you've got more space to do this than you'd think.

WARNING: With the way people dress to travel on airlines these days, for your own good, the sake of your sexual prowess and the lives of others, do not be tempted to be one of those annoying gym enthusiasts at the back of planes. They're the ones who are pulling contortionsit moves, generally showing off and gaining nothing but sorry glances from the flight attendants. No matter how much better it will make you feel, you'll never look so great doing it. Plus, you're inadvertantly sticking your butt in someone else's face and trust me, you don't smell that good.

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