How To Externally Stimulate Prostate

Learning how to externally stimulate prostate gland is a very important skill which can add a lot to your love life. Most men are apprehensive about having someone enter their anus, but you can get the pleasure you are looking for without entering the body. Here's how to get started:

  1. Get Hard – It is much easier to locate your prostate when you has an erection. The erection causes the prostate gland to swell, making it easier to find.
  2. Reach around – Lay down on your back. Gently reach underneath your scrotum and hold your testicles up. 
  3. Go for it – Using your other (well lubricated) hand, gently run your fingers between half an inch and an inch behind the scrotum. You should be about halfway between the back of the scrotum and the anus at this point. We will call this area the X-Area, to make things easier. 
  4. Keep going – Keep stroking your penis with your non-dominant hand, and gently massage two fingers into the skin around the X-Area. Try to move your fingers down and back, toward your tailbone. You will begin to feel a soft, but firm, spot. This is the prostate gland.
  5. Rub it – Keep gently rubbing the prostate until you sense that you're about to come. When you get really close to having an orgasm, begin pushing harder and making small circular motions on the X-Area. 

The prostate gland becomes very sensitive when a man is sexually aroused, and the slightest pressure on it during the few moments before orgasm will feel amazing. Massaging the prostate can actually help trigger the man's orgasm, without his control. Learning the correct way to stimulate the male prostate gland is an easy way to increase the pleasure of your orgasm. 

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