How To Facebook Stalk

Learning how to Facebook stalk is a fairly easy and intuitive endeavour. Facebook stalking, in the digital age, is considered to be a fairly socially acceptable practice. Facebook stalking essentially means giving certain people's profiles more attention than others. Nearly everyone does it or has done it at some point of their lives.

  1. Search the name of who you want to stalk. Hopefully, this person is already on your friends list. If not, you'll have to add him/her in order for stalking to be most effective. The search bar is on the top of the Facebook browser, and will automatically give you names of anyone on your friends list based on what you type.
  2. Click to their profile. If you find yourself regularly checking one person's profile over others, then consider yourself a Facebook stalker. Through regular check up, you can read through their status messages and friend comments.
  3. Surf through their Facebook activity. Facebook publishes each person's activity on their wall, and in some cases your news feeds. If "John Doe" updated their interests, their Facebook wall will tell you so. If "John Doe" comments on one of their friend's statuses, their wall will say "John Doe wrote on Jane Doe's wall". Click on that link! If John's friend doesn't have major private settings, you'll be able to read what John wrote. You can also check a user's status and new friend alerts.
  4. View photos. Another way to Facebook stalk is by viewing photos. You can get a sense of the places a person has been, people they hang out with and things they like to do. Sometimes, you can see photos of "John Doe" in other people's photos albums. From there, you can surf those photo albums to see who his friends are.

Following these tips will help you on your way to Facebook stalking success. Like a person's refrigerator, or bedroom, you can get a sense of who someone is by looking through their Facebook profiles. Enjoy!

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