How To Fade Jeans At Home

Want to learn how to fade jeans at home? There are two important things to consider. Do you want to fade your jeans quickly, which will shorten their lifespan? Or are you willing to fade your jeans over a few days? Taking it slow will protect the fabric from wearing too soon and will allow you to fade your jeans at home gradually until you reach the desired look. On the other hand, if you want to look chic tonight, there is a way to fade your jeans in less than two hours. Here’s everything you need to know about how to fade jeans at home. Just pick the option that works for you.

Here’s what you’ll need to fade jeans at home:

  • Bleach (for immediate fading)
  • Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Washing machine (optional)
  • Wooden cooking spoon
  1. Fade jeans at home quickly with a washing machine. Bleach offers the quickest way to fade jeans at home. However, use this option only if you are in a rush, since bleach will also weaken the fiber and shorten the lifespan of your jeans. Pour one quart of bleach into your washing machine and fill it with warm water on the smallest laundry cycle. Allow the water and bleach to mix before stopping the machine and using a wooden cooking spoon to press the jeans into the water. Stir by hand or by turning the machine on again for 2 minutes, then stop the machine and let the jeans soak for around 30 minutes or until you fade your jeans to the desired color. Rinse the water out then wash the jeans with detergent and fabric softener to remove the bleach scent.
  2. Fade jeans at home quickly by hand. You can fade jeans at home quickly by hand using a large basin or bathtub. Fill the basin or tub eight inches deep with warm water, then pour one quart of bleach and stir well with a wooden cooking spoon. Press the jeans in and stir with the spoon for five minutes to expose the fabric evenly to the bleach. Fade the jeans to your desired taste but do not leave the jeans in the bleach solution for more than 30 minutes to avoid weakening the fabric too much. Wash the jeans with detergent and warm water and soak in fabric softener for 30 minutes to remove the scent of bleach.
  3. Fade jeans at home slowly with a washing machine. To fade jeans at home naturally, first wear them for a few days. This will fade specific areas like the crotch, buttocks and back of the knees, lending the jeans a desired worn look that bleach can never match. Next, for the first wash use warm water and abrasive laundry detergent (such as a powder instead of a liquid). Stop the washing machine mid-cycle and soak your jeans for two hours, then hang them in the sun to fade while drying naturally.
  4. Fade jeans at home slowly with a washing machine. To fade jeans at home even more gently, wash them by hand instead of with a washing machine. Fill a bathtub or basin with eight inches of warm water and stir in detergent powder until it melts, using the wooden spoon. Press the jeans in and stir for one minute, then allow the jeans to soak for two hours. Wash your jeans with cold water to remove the detergent, then soak them for 30 minutes in water mixed with fabric softener. The more fabric softener you use, the softer your jeans will feel, but the weaker the fabric will become, causing it to stretch  at pressure points.
  5. Maintain the fade of your jeans. Once you achieve the faded look you love, avoid increasing the fading of your jeans by dry cleaning rather than washing them in future. If you are washing, use cold water and a mild detergent, and wash your jeans by hand rather than with a washing machine. Finally, always opt for hang drying rather than drying with a clothes dryer.
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