How To Fade Stretch Marks

People with stretch marks often wish they knew how to fade stretch marks and may buy products that promise to do it for them. Depending on how old and how severe the stretch marks are, there are some products that can help fade stretch marks enough to make them less noticeable. The problem is often the high cost of the products and the long commitment to treating the stretch marks. It can take months or years to really make a striking difference in the way the marks look.


You will need:

  • StriVectin-SD
  • Retin-A (if appropriate)
  • Mederma
  • Aloe vera
  • Vitamin E capsules
  1.  Fade stretch marks with StriVectin-SD. This stretch mark cream is more expensive than drug store brands, but it is extremely effective against stretch marks. It will fade both old and new stretch marks, but it must be used twice a day for at least a few months. It can also cause some mild sensitivity to sunlight on the area that is treated, but it will fade stretch marks without any other side effects.
  2. Get a prescription for Retin-A if you are eligible. Many people have a hard time with the side effects of Retin-A, but for others, using Retin-A cream can be helpful for fading stretch marks. Actually fading stretch marks can take months, as with any other method, but it may be much less expensive over time than using StriVectin-SD.
  3. Use Mederma if your stretch marks are relatively new. This is an over-the-counter scar medication, but it can fade stretch marks better than many stretch mark cream. It is inexpensive and is available in any drug store and most grocery stores.
  4. Try aloe vera. Some people swear by the use of simple aloe vera, which can also be mixed with vitamin E to make a potent home remedy. To do this, mix one-eighth cup of aloe vera and squeeze three liquid vitamin E capsules into the gel. Mix this together and apply it to the stretch marks.
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