How To Fake Orgasm

Knowing how to fake an orgasm can come in handy when your trying to figure out how to make the experience end and your partner feel good about the lackluster performance she's giving you. If you're someone that doesn't want to be honest and let your partner know she's not doing everything you want them to do, faking the moment can be magic. It might just be a lack of communication, but in the event you want to protect your relationship, here's a guide to make your think she partner is rocking your world. 

  1. First things first. Wear a condom so when that time comes and you're supposed to orgasm, you can fake it successfully.  
  2. It's all in how you act. If you normally don't scream, wiggle or show a lot emotion, keep it in check. Your woman can tell if you're faking, especially if she has been with you before. A good rule of thumb is keep it simple. 
  3. If you're having sex with your girlfriend or woman, it's best this time to not fake an orgasm face to face. Chances are she knows exactly what you look like when your getting ready to have an orgasm and you will blow your own cover. This way you get the chance to branch out and try new positions and spice up your sex life. 
  4. Ditch the evidence. When you finish having sex, dump the condom immediately that, so there is no proof you were faking at all. 
  5. You need to finish the same way you have been doing. Cuddle if you cuddle. If you roll over and go to sleep, turn around and catch up on some sleep. If you start doing something different, she will know you faked an orgasm and you will be exposed for a fraud. 

The main thing is to play it cool and don't get crazy with the ad libs. It's way too easy to get caught faking an orgasm. Hopefully these tips will give you something to work with when you feel the need to fake it or if you just can't produce that needed feeling.