How To Fake Virginity

Learning how to fake virginity is necessary for some women. In some cultures, virginity is a requirement for marriage. For others, it is as simple as a fantasy for a male in their life to "deflower" the woman they love. For whatever reason a woman needs to fake virginity, there are ways to fool even the experienced male. Always take into consideration that faking virginity is not being very honest with a partner. If it is simply for a fantasy, letting the male know the truth may be best from the start.

  1. Set the scene. Setting the scene is the first part of faking virginity. This pre-cursor to any action includes acting shy when touching. Pressing knees and thighs together when the potential lover touches and a slight movement of the hips and buttocks away from the male give the indication of inexperience. Disallowing touching below the waistline and blushing at statements are also steps to faking virginity set-up.
  2. Discuss inexperience. A big part of faking virginity is the innocence factor. When the time becomes close for intimate action, express "fear" due to inexperience. Ask questions including "will it hurt?" and "will I get pregnant" to express ingnorance of the act.
  3. Plan the illusion. When the time draws near for faking virginity, discuss with the male about finally "going all the way". Let them know that you want it to be "special" and plan a special time for it to happen, Doing this will allow you to prepare for the event.
  4. Use a natural sponge. The key illusion to faking virginity is the old prostitute practice of using a small blood soaked piece of sponge. Soak the sponge in menstrual blood or even fake blood from a costume shop. Cut the piece to barely fit inside the vaginal opening and squeeze down with the inner muscles. Hold this piece in place tightly under the male penetrates. As the vagina lubricates, the dried blood will begin to ooze. The squeezing of the muscles to hold the sponge in place will create the illusion of the male having to break the hymen of a virgin.
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