How To Fall Asleep When Not Tired

There are certain times in life when it is necessary to know how to fall asleep when not tired. No matter what the reason, it is important to have several different options to begin to rest your body as well as your mind even when you just don't feel like a taking a nap or sleeping. These skills can make travel, odd work hours, and even partying a little hassle free when you know how to fall asleep when not tired.

You will need:

  • medication
  • relaxing music
  • a book
  • a quiet, dark environment
  1. Find a comfortable place to lay down. Knowing how to fall asleep when not tired will be a lot easier when you have somewhere to relax. It helps if there is very little light and very little noise. If you do need some background noise you can start a fan or play some soft music. If you are on a plane or around other people you may want to put in your earphone and bring something to cover your eyes.
  2. Read something uninteresting. The last thing you want to do is get involved in a novel or magazine that is going to keep your attention. Knowing how to fall asleep when not tired can be so beneficial and you don't want to make things worse. If you fear that reading might keep you up, skip it all together.
  3. Take some medicine. There are several different over the counter pain medications that include a PM version. Also benadryl as well as sleeping aids can assist you when you need to fall asleep when tired. It is important to take these pills right away as some of them take some time to kick in.
  4. Empty your mind. For some people, this is pretty easy. Get rid of all of the things that you need to do, and just focus on absolutely nothing. Some people consider this meditation while others consider this a way to relax. Either way it can be a step to help you fall asleep when not tired.
  5. Remove all distractions. If there is something that is keeping you from being able to fall asleep when not tired, you need to get rid of it. This means that you need to turn the television off, get off the computer, or even turn your cell phone off. These distractions can prevent you from getting the rest you need.

Knowing how to fall asleep when not tired can make late nights and travel much easier.

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