How To Falling Leaf On A Snowboard

Learning how to falling leaf on a snowboard is an effortless trick to master and learning how to do one is a breeze. The falling leaf is a fundamental process of movement down a downhill slope. Learning how to perform a falling leaf is not complicated at all. Tricks on a snowboard are a blast. The more you learn the more you will want to master. The falling leaf is one of those tricks that will become a staple and will lead you to tricks that are more intricate. Learning the falling leaf is geared towards the intermediate beginner. The falling leaf requires essential skills in balance and downhill. Look at these straightforward directions on how to perform a falling leaf and decide for yourself.

What you will need to perform a falling leaf:

  • Snowboard
  • Snowboarding gear
  • Downhill slope
  • Room to maneuver


  1. Strap in and take your position at the top of a downhill. Face perpendicular to the slope. You will be going down the mountain on your heel side. So, long portion of the snowboard facing downhill.
  2. Pointing slightly downhill, begin by leaning on either your left or right foot. The weight of your body will push you whichever direction your weight is. Once you go a little ways, switch the weight to the other foot. Your hips will control your motion.
  3. Continue back and forth down the mountain. Switching back and forth, as you do, this movement is a falling leaf. Be sure to maintain your heel side, all the way down the mountain.



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