How To Fancy Up My Fishing Boat

If you're wondering about the question,"how to fancy up my fishing boat," you're in luck.  You've found your answer. There are many ways to fancy up a fishing boat and completely renovate it so that it looks better and operates with more efficiency. 


  1. First, remove all items from the boat and set them aside. This means all of the rods, tackle supplies, coolers, ropes, life vests, tools, and anything else that is not attached to the boat itself. Then, using cleaning products recommended for the surface of the boat (its deck, gunnel, and upper hull) wash the boat. Spray it down, and take a scrub bush and use products to get it as clean as you want it. Also, if necessary, wash livewells, storage compartments, seats, and the motor.
  2. Then, decide exactly what is necessary for the boat. the boats of many fishermen accumulate too many things, many of which are accidently left on board.
  3. Once you have decided what will be brought back on board, wash all of the things that are going to be loaded back onto the boat, if they are washable. Wash coolers, plastic tackle boxes, rods and reels, and then load the necessary items back onto the boat.
  4. Then take a minute to reorganize anything that may need reorganization (such as tackle boxes that have fallen into disarray). Put everything where it belongs.

Washing the boat and its items, and reorganizing a cluttered boat are the easiest steps to fancying up a fishing vessel. Depending on the size of a given boat, an its condition, the duration of this project can range from a couple of hour to a couple of days.

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