How Far Does The Average Golfer Hit A Pitching Wedge?

Ever wondered how far does the average golfer hit a pitching wedge? Determining how far an average golfer hits a pitching wedge depends on a variety of factors, such as wind, club brand, the ball, swing speed, among others. Taking all this into consideration, it's awfully hard to say how far an average golfer hits a pitching wedge because it's hard to say who the average golfer is. Now, taking that into consideration, you can further break it down into male and female golfers, and then apply a golf club average distance chart.

Multiple golf sources out there say the average 40-year-old-man, of average height and weight, can hit a pitching wedge between 85 and 115 yards. That's on an optimal day, with no wind, elevation change or any other factor. The average female golfer can hit her pitching wedge between 55 and 70 yards.

Now, to really be blown away, many PGA Tour players and golfers with low handicaps can hit their pitching wedges much farther. PGA pros can usually hit their pitching wedges about 130 to 145 yards. LPGA pros hit theres between roughly  90 to 115 yards. That's because these professional have the best of the best equipment, balls and swing speeds. These are all optimal factors to help launch the ball farther. On the contrary, the average golfer is probably using outdated equipment and balls, and their swing speeds are fairly slower than the professional counterparts.

If you want to break the mold and be better than the average, it's important to do a number of things right to hit the ball farther. For instance, professional golfers strike the ball more purely and in the center of the club face. This leads to greater, truer distances. The average golfer doesn't strike the ball that well, and usually hits the ball off the heel or toe of the club, which leads to inconsistent distances.

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