How Fast Is A 1987 Porsche 944s Ventilator?

If you are attempting to determine how fast is a 1987 Porsche 944s Ventilator, you should begin by immersing yourself into the grand and illustrious history of the Porsche brand. For decades, Porsche has been on the cutting edge of style, design and performance, and the 944 series is no different. The 944 series is not as well known or cherished as the famous 911 series from Porsche, but the series was remarkable for it's time and contributions to the Porsche family.

The 944 series from Porsche ran from 1982 until 1991, and introduced many firsts to the automotive market as an early replacement for the popular 924 series. Although the 944 was based on the same platform as the 924, it was more refined than the 924. Producing more horsepower, higher speeds and better handling, Porsche engineered a tremendous replacement to the 924. From 1982 through 1985, the Porsche 944 remained virtually unchanged. In 1985, the 944 changed visually on the interior and in performance, now able to reach a 137 mile per hour top speed.

In 1987, Porsche introduced the 944s and 944 Turbo (Ventilator)  models, with significant gains in both horsepower and top speed. Now able to produce 220 horsepower and reach a top speed of 162 miles per hour. When the 944s was introduced, it featured the first usage of 4 valves per cylinder in the 944 series four cylinder engines. The normally aspirated (non-turbo) version was rated at 187 horsepower with a 140 mile per hour top speed.

There were a few minor changes in horsepower and only slight design changes over the length of the 944's production. The 944s became the benchmark for the Porsche sports car production series. While being the baby brother to the high performance 911 series, the 944 has gained a following in the automotive world. Known for Porsche's outstanding handling and performance, the 944 has become a more economically viable offering from Porsche, while not sacrificing the performance standards the Porsche has set for itself.


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