How Fast Can A Skateboarder Go?

How fast can a skateboarder go is a question in which the answer depends on a number of factors. These factors include those related to the skateboard, such as bearings and wheel size, along with those related to the skateboarder himself, including experience, skill level and muscle strength in the legs. Records for fastest skateboard speeds top 60 miles per hour. These records will likely be broken in the future, as millions of new participants enter the fast-growing world of skateboarding and other extreme sports.

  1. How fast a skateboarder can go depends on the quality of the equipment, specifically bearings and wheels. Larger wheels generally work best, being less affected by uneven or gravel littered surfaces. Bearings with a higher ABEC number, with nine being the highest, indicate a higher standard of precision and usually equate to faster speeds.
  2. The individual on the skateboard greatly affects the how fast a skateboarder can go. Skateboarding takes much time and practice, and those with significant experience and a high skill level will naturally be able to attain higher speeds than their less well-trained counterparts. In skateboarding, lower body strength plays a big role in the speed at which a skateboarder can go.
  3. The question of how fast can a skateboarder go was answered on September 26th, 1998, during an Arizona race, by skateboarder Gary Hardwick. His top official speed was recorded at 63 miles per hour. He allegedly reached 73 miles an hour later, but this is not an official record.
  4. Kevin Reimer is reported to have reached a speed of 80 miles per hour on a skateboard. He did not use a vehicle to assist him in reaching this speed. However, this is an unofficial speed, so no record was technically broken by Reimer.
  5. Biker Sherlock holds a similar record. He holds the record for highest official speed while being towed by a vehicle. Sherlock reached 90 miles per hour on a skateboard while being pulled being a motorcycle.
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