How To Feel Up A Girl

Understanding how to feel up a girl is always a tricky proposition. You cannot just lift up a girl’s shirt and start having your way with her breasts. In fact, if you do this, she will probably make a run for the door. Girls want you to be gentle and careful when you feel them up. They do not want to feel like you are using them just so you can get a squeeze in. This is why it is always advisable to fully understand how to feel up a girl before you proceed.

  1. Make sure she is comfortable. It does not matter how much you want to touch them, if she is not comfortable, then her breasts are simply off limits. So before you can feel up a girl, you have to gauge her level of comfort. The two of you should of course be making out, but this does not mean that she is ready. Pay attention to where her hands are and how she reacts when you touch her.
  2. Go Slow. Okay, so you made the decision to go for it. However, you cannot just run your hand up her shirt and start squeezing. You have to be slow. Run your hand on the outside of her shirt first. Do it in a slow and seductive manner, making sure to trace you fingers on the outline of her nipples. Then, if she is responding well, move you hand to the inside of her shirt.
  3. Be gentle. Her breasts are sensitive. So you have to be gentle. Gentle cup her breasts and run you finger tips all over them; you can even trace a figure eight. The key is to not be too hard or rough when you feel up a girl. Also, remember that her nipples are extra sensitive. So you may want to spend some time in this area.
  4. Master the bra. Once you have spent a moment or two on her breasts, and if she is not uncomfortable, you may want to unhook her bra. Only do this, however, if she seems comfortable with it. If you move too fast and soon, she will call the whole thing off. Also, keep in mind that the bra is tricky. Some guys can unhook one with just one hand, but you should probably start with two.
  5. Move past the basics. After the bra comes off, the rest is really up to you. You may even want to take her shirt off too. If this happens when you feel up a girl, then you have to get inventive. Use your mouth, use your teeth, use whatever you can.
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