How To Feel Like P Diddy

Are you often wondering how to feel like P. Diddy? Do you find yourself riddle with doubt? Are you having trouble dancing like you have an inner-ear infection in the background of game-changing MCs videos? Fear not, for here is your guide to learning how to feel like P. Diddy.

  1. Confidence. “What kind of grown man calls himself Puffy?” – Voletta Wallace in “Notorious”. Indeed. For a well-respected businessman and hip hop impresario to call himself Puffy requires balls of steel and an intense self-confidence. Diddy’s unflagging confidence has allowed him to survive snafus like signing a former Gangsta rapping pastor who sounds like he’s falling asleep in the booth (that would be Ma$e) and "Making the Band" to come up with successes like Sean Jean. Look yourself in the eye everyone morning, and say it aloud: I’m the shit.
  2. Intelligence. Though you might not have thunk it when he changed his name from distinctly silly Puff Daddy to the enigmatically Zen P. Diddy, the man is incredibly intelligent. Now of course intelligence is, for the most part, something we’re born with, not something we can learn. However, there are certain ways to train the mind, from meditation to dialectics, that enhance our ability to think. Step two in learning how to feel like P. Diddy, then, is focusing your mind on what’s important in life while strengthening your sense of self. We recommend reading East Asian classics “I Ching, The Book of Changes” (Wu Tang’s “8 Diagrams” is based on this book) and haiku poet and Zen monk Bashô’s highly metaphorical “Narrow Road to the Interior.”
  3. Hustle. Diddy was fired from his first meaningful entertainment industry position only to found Bad Boy records, sign Biggie, and change the face of hip hop. These things don't actually come to those who wait. Step three in knowing how to feel like Sean Combs: Get off your ass, get a game plan together, and map out the most direct route to success. Write down the name and phone number of every potential contact you meet, keep them all in one place, and don’t be afraid to call those people for help. Write out a mission statement and practical, budget-based business plan. You can’t feel like P. Diddy if you aren’t focused and driven.
  4. Fly. With over $300 million in the bank, Diddy must feel pretty fly. Step four and final in our guide to feeling like P. Diddy is: indulge your inner playboy. It’s not for nothing that Diddy once announced his intentions to be the first black James Bond. The guy’s got boats, finely tailored three piece suits, a vodka endorsement deal, his own clothing line, and formerly his own jet (he decided to ditch the plane when fuel prices skyrocketed in the aftermath of the Iraq Holy War). All in all, the guy treats himself extremely well, and by all accounts feels pretty damn fly. Treat yourself to some of the nicer things in life, indulge as per your budget (admittedly for most of us this means renting a Vespa rather than buying a plane, but still…), and live the good life.

Follow these four simple instructions and, unless what you mean by “feeling” like P. Diddy is somehow developing an identical sense of tactility, which, we’re pretty sure, is impossible, you’re on your way to knowing how to feel like rap impresario and game-changing business man Sean Combs.

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