How To Ferment Beans Soy Black

Knowing how to ferment soybeans can be a long process, but it's not difficult. Fermented soy beans are a popular dish in Japan, especially in the eastern regions such as Kanto, Tohoku and Hokkaido. Fermented soybeans are distinct in flavor and texture with a smell similar to that of a pungent cheese. The flavor is slightly nutty and salty with a gooey texture.

What you will need to ferment black soy beans:

  • Black soy beans
  • Rice straw
  • Thermometer
  • Large pot
  • Water
  • Pressure cooker
  • String
  1. Soak your soybeans overnight in a large pot of water. Once your soybeans have been soaked to increase their size, steam them in a pressure cooker until your soybeans become soft, but take caution not to boil them.
  2. Sterilize your rice straw in boiling water. Once cooled, separate the rice straw so that you can place 1.75 ounces of your soybeans in rice straw packs. You will use the rice straw to store your soybeans.
  3. Place your black soybeans in your rice straw and tie shut. Place the soybeans in an oven set to 108 degrees for a few hours. Use your thermometer to test the temperature. You don't want to boil your soybeans, just heat them.
  4. Remove the black soybeans from your oven and place in your refrigerator and allow to ferment for about one to two days. Once your soybeans have fermented, you should notice a strong odor and a gooey texture.
  5. Keep your fermented soybeans refrigerated for the remainder of them time you eat them. If you leave them at room temperature, they will spoil. Enjoy your fermented soybeans with rice or vegetables!
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