How To Field Dress A Buck

Every deer hunter should know the basics of how to field dress a buck. Field dressing does not require special skills. In order to field dress a buck you only need to know the procedure and be aware of any laws that may be governing your hunting area. It is recommend that before field dressing any animal check with your local forestry and wildlife division or with the Federal Department of Natural Resources for any special tagging laws that may be in effect in your area.

To field dress a buck you will need:

  • A sharp knife

  • A large tarp

  • Garbage bag

  1. Clean and prepare the buck for field dressing. Start by rolling the deer onto it's back. You will want to remove the animal's scrotum and penis before actually starting on the field dressing of the buck. It is important to not pierce the body cavity when you perform this procedure. If you pierce the body cavity you run a high chance of cutting into an organ that will taint the deer meat.

  2. Cut the buck open. Starting at the anus begin cutting up to the ribcage. You can cut further past the ribcage, however, if you will be mounting the buck this is not advised. During the cutting process do not cut too deep. You are only cutting through the hide of the buck. If you cut deeper than the hide you may result in ruining the deer meat.

  3. Remove the intestines and other organs. After you have made the incision you will need to open the body cavity slightly. To do this apply pressure with your hand on one side of the ribcage pulling against the knife or your other hand on the other side of the ribcage. Be careful if you will be using the knife to help pry open the ribcage. Once you have pried the buck open roll it onto it's side and severe the tissue holding the intestines and organs in place. Roll the deer to the opposite side and repeat until the tissue has been completely severed and cut away from the backbone. Reach in and remove the intestines and digestive tract. Reach upwards and remove the remaining organs.

  4. Complete field dressing the buck by draining the blood. To drain all blood from the now field dressed buck simply hang the buck upright. Dispose of the organs accordingly. Make sure to check with your local forestry division for any rulings governing disposal of organs, removal, and tagging of the buck.

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