How To Field Dress A Rabbit

Ever wonder how to field dress a rabbit?  Here's a simple straight forward method to help you on your next rabbit hunt. 

To field dress a rabbit you will need the following items:

  • A sharp knife
  • A bucket of water
  • A fillet board (fish fillet board)
  1. The first step in field dressing a rabbit is to remove the hair.  Start by dunking them in the bucket of water to wet the hair. This helps to prevent it from sticking to the meat. Rabbit hide is very tender and very easily removed. All you need to do is take a firm grip and tear it loose with your hands. It's somewhat like plucking feathers from a game bird accept you are tearing hide from a game animal. Pull all the hide/hair off the rabbit. You may leave it around the feet and head. Remove the head and feet with a sharp knife.
  2. The second step in field dressing a rabbit is to remove the intestines, heart, and lungs. Clamp the hind legs to the fillet board and split the bone between the hind legs with a knife. Be careful not to puncture the bladder. Then split the abdomen and chest cavity open. Remove all of the intestines, heart, and lungs. 

That's all their is to field dressing a rabbit. Hope this helps you with your next rabbit hunting adventure. Remember to thoroughly wash and clean the rabbit before storing him in the freezer for a later meal. Good luck!



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