How To Fight Like James Bond

Forget all of the special weapons if you want to know how to fight like James Bond, because your most important attribute is your ability to be cool. Our favorite British super spy has starred in 22 films to date. He's been played by five world class actors. He's kicked a lot of ass, a LOT of ass. The universal theme that shines through all of his films is his ability to maintain his cool during times of overwhelming adversity. If you want to fight like James Bond, then you need to learn to stay even tempered no matter what the situation.

  1. Handling a weapon. 007 has been involved in some of the craziest over the top shoot outs in the history of film. You want to fight like Bond, James Bond, learn how to fire all those damn guns he has. Better yet, learn how to fire all of those guns while keeping your three piece suit in pristine condition. There's no such thing as a dirty 00. M would not approve.
  2. The car. Fighting like James Bond means being able to handle a car like him. Who knows when you'll have to evade legions of sinister, well dressed agents gunning for you on the expressway. You'll need Jeff Gordon driving skills along with the dead eye aim of a special forces killer… and you wont have an Aston Martin to run through the streets with. Better get practicing with that '97 Camry.
  3. The wit. Bond is the king of cool. Who else do you know that can serve up an extra helping of butt kicking while hitting his opponents with quicker than lightning one-liners. You want to fight like James Bond, you've got to be able to slap your enemy around while joking with him about it. Using a Bond-like accent wouldn't hurt either.
  4. The alcohol. Maybe it's his constant indulgence in martinis that has him thinking he's invincible. If you were intoxicated 24/7 you wouldn't be scared of your enemy either. We alcoholics call that "liquid courage". Fighting like Bond means handling your liquor.
  5. The clothes. Have you ever seen this guy throw down in a tee shirt and jeans? No. He beats up on the opposition while looking like GQ's man of the month. You have to be the same way. Fighting like James Bond means kicking butt in expensive suits and designer shoes.
  6. The ladies. Not only does Bond pummel his opponent, he emasculates them too. He's notorious for snatching up bad guy's girls. He spends just as much time laying out the bad guys as he does laying down the ladies. Most of the time, the ladies he snags are just as vicious as the men he folds up. They say sex is a weapon. Fighting like James Bond means utilizing all of your weapons.
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