How To Fight For Your Girlfriend

Fighting for your girlfriend and protecting her honor is essential to maintain a successful relationship. Not only will it show her that she is important to you, but she will also respect and trust you. However, be aware that handling situations incorrectly can just as easily take you out of her favour.

  1. Take time to assess the situation. You need to determine the correct way to handle the situation. Unless your girlfriend is being physically assaulted, there is no reason to start a fight and elevate the situation. Although you want to protect her, you don't want to scare her away yourself.
  2. Come to her aid when she needs it. If your girlfriend is obviously uncomfortable because of what someone said or did, be there for her. If another man has gotten out of line, make sure he knows that she is with you. Even if nothing needs to be said, your presence will make her feel more secure. Important: You don't need to hover over her, but keep her in view just in case she needs your help.
  3. When something needs to be done, stay calm. There will be situations where your girlfriend won't be able to handle herself. Make sure she is in a safe place before a fight starts. If possible, use your words to control the situation; it is in your best interest, and hers, to avoid physical altercation. You never know what the offender may have in mind, and initiating a fight can lead to a very dangerous situation for both of you. However, fight in self defence if you must.
  4. Make sure she is unharmed. Even if you are bruised and bleeding, make sure your girlfriend is uninjured. Don't worry, she will take care of you as well. Showing a woman that you are willing to endanger yourself for her is one of the highest proclamations of love and she'll treasure you from that point on.
  5. Fighting shouldn't become a habit. Remember, the goal is to protect your girlfriend, not impress her with your dominance over others. In all cases be safe, smart and calm.
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