How To Figure Baseball Batting Averages

Though some of the complexities of America's favorite pastime may confuse you, learning how to figure baseball batting averages is actually quite simple. As with ERA (Earned Run Average), calculating batting averages really just comes down to simple math. Using very rudimentary division, you too can unlock the secrets to one of baseball's most important statistics, and actually appear to know what your talking about at that next big sports gathering.

To calculate batting averages in baseball (this is the same for Major League, Minor League, Little League or that league you and your friends created in the dirt lot behind your house) :

  1. Begin by adding up the total hits of the player in question.
  2. Add up the total number of at-bats.
  3. Next, divide the total number of hits by the total number of at-bats. Round the number to the third decimal place. Batting averages are 3 numbers after the decimal.

A few basic rules to understand when figuring baseball batting averages:

  • An at-bat is classified by any time the player gains a legitimate hit, or hits into an out of any kind.
  • Getting on base either by an error or a Fileder's Choice is still considered an out (but still must be included in the at-bat column).
  • A sacrifice (hitting into an out to advance another base runner) is neither considered a hit nor an out and should not be counted as an at-bat. The same is true for a base on balls (a walk) or getting hit by the ball.
  • If a batter is awarded first base for any other reason (interference or an obstruction) the at-bat will not count and the player earns neither an out nor a hit.
  • If the inning ends in a different type of out while the player is still at-bat, that at-bat will not count for the player. He will bat first at the start of the following inning.

Now that you understand ho to calculate baseball batting averages, and some of the tricker details, get out there and spread your knowledge, or just go "Play Ball!"

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