How To Figure Out Super Bowl Betting Odds

How to figure out the Super Bowl betting odds can be confusing. It is the biggest game of the year. Millions of Americans tune in on game day. For some, the Super Bowl is more than just a game. It's an opportunity to make some big bucks. Betting on the winner of the Super Bowl goes beyond a lucky guess. In order to bet properly, you need to determine the odds of the team winning.

To figure out Super Bowl betting odds, you will need:

  • Team statistics
  • Team history and facts
  • Paper and pencil
  1. Gather the team statistics. Use the stats for the regular season only. Collect information for both competing teams.
  2. Read over the facts. Betting odds are calculated on a point system.
  3. Award points. If the team has won a Super Bowl in the past three years, award the team ten points. Give eight points to a team if the opposite team is playing in their first Super Bowl. Give another eight points to the team that has allowed less defensive rushes. The team with the most offensive rushes gets seven points. The team with the best overall record will also receive seven points. Five points go to the team with the lower defensive rush per carry. Four points given to team with best kick-punt return. Given the team with the best ATS record and NET penalty.  Jot down three points to the team with the most sacks.
  4. Add the points. See how close the team totals are. Whichever team has the most points is the team to wager your money on.
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