How To File For Divorce While Incarcerated

Are you a prisoner and need to know how to file for divorce while incarcerated? If so read on and find out what you need to do to take the first steps at getting a divorce while incarcerated.

  1. Since you are already in prison, chances are you already have a lawyer on standby. Ask your lawyer if he can help, if he cannot ask him who the best divorce lawyer would be to help you in your situation.
  2. When you talk to your divorce lawyer, explain to him in detail why you are incarcerated and why you would like the divorce. It may be you do not want your wife to be alone and want her to move on while you are locked up. It may also be you do not want her to see you this way for fear of the pain and hurt she will have to deal with while you are away. In any respect, explain how you feel to your lawyer. He is there to help and understand your needs.
  3. If a lawyer outside the prison is not available for you, the prison will have prisoner legal services. With this service you can obtain a divorce package through this service.
  4. Talk to your wife, explain to her why you want a divorce. If she understands she may file for the divorce herself. This will be easier for the both of you to obtain what is needed for the divorce.
  5. A divorce while incarcerated is not always easy but it can be smooth if both individuals come to any understanding on why the divorce needs to happen.


Responding to Family Law Actions While Incarcerated



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