How To File eBay Fraud Charges

Both eBay buyers and sellers should know how to file eBay fraud charges. Buyers can be a victim of eBay fraud by not receiving an item or receiving an item only to find out the item description contained some fraudulent details. A seller can experience eBay fraud through a buyer who refuses to pay after winning the bid or committing to buy using the "Buy It Now" feature.

There are various steps to go through in resolving matters when you find yourself a victim of eBay fraud:

  1. Contact your trading partner before anything else. Misunderstandings are the top reason for eBay complaints. The company suggests to all buyers and sellers to get in touch with their trading partner before formally filing an eBay fraud complaint with the company. A simple conversation can clear most misunderstandings and this saves everyone both time and money.
  2. Open an eBay Resolution Center case if attempts in contacting your partner fails. Give your trading partner a week at the most to respond to your eBay fraud charge. If a week has passed and the issue has not been resolved, visit the eBay Resolution Center (link below) whether you are a buyer or a seller. EBay will make an attempt to contact your trading partner for you. As a buyer, the Resolution Center can help you when you haven't received an item or if the item you received did not match the seller's description. As a seller, the Resolution Center can help you with an unpaid item. If your case does not fall in these categories, the Resolution Center's front page has a link that says "My problem is not listed here" next to the "Continue" button. Click this link if you want to specify a different type of case. Otherwise, click the "Continue" button.
  3. Enter the item number and details. The Resolution Center will then ask for the item number and details of the eBay fraud charge in the following pages. The Resolution Center won't allow you to file a case if the item listing ended 45 days earlier. You are advised to contact your trading partner or eBay customer service instead. Contact eBay customer service by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the upper-right hand off eBay's main page at the website.
  4. Wait for your trading partner's response and eBay's analysis. EBay gives sellers seven days to respond to fraud cases filed through the Resolution Center. Buyers have four days to pay for unpaid items once a case with eBay has been filed. EBay reviews the case when the seller doesn't respond. If it's determined that the buyer is entitled to a full refund, he will be asked to return the item to the seller and then eBay will issue the buyer a full refund once the seller receives the return. 

Note that timing is important in filing a case with eBay. A buyer can open a fraud charge through the eBay Resolution Center if it has been at least three days after the estimated date of delivery or seven days after the listing ended. Contact eBay customer service if the issue of eBay fraud hasn't been resolved within twenty days of opening the case. Also, it is important to take note that eBay considers its decision in all cases to be final.

Buyers and sellers who don't complete their obligation can have their account suspended. In cases where local law enforcement should be involved, eBay will contact authorities after a case has been filed through the Resolution Center and deems this step necessary. The help pages of eBay also suggests filing an online complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), an online partner of the FBI, when laws have been broken by visiting

Don't just sit back and tear your hair out when you find yourself a victim of eBay fraud. Filing an official complaint with eBay and the local authorities when necessary will help other people from becoming future victims as well.



Ebay Resolution Center

Internet Crime Complaint Center

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