How To File Self Employed Tax Returns For Free

Learn how to file self-employed tax returns for free by following these simple tips and guidelines. Individuals who are self-employed, or sole proprietors, must file an income tax form if the income is $400 or more per year. The taxpayer is responsible for paying Social Security and Medicare taxes also. Many sites will offer free income tax help, but not for the self-employed as there are many more forms to file, including Schedule C and Schedule SE. However, there are many places to file a self-employed tax return for free, and here are just a few:

  1. IRS E-file. The single most popular place to file a self-employed tax return for free is with the IRS E-file system. The E-file system is available after January 15th of each year, and it is free for those who make less than their stated income. There are many locations to choose from and you can learn more from the official IRS website, The website also lists many free places to look for help on your tax returns.
  2. File on your own. If you are familiar with tax forms and requirements, the IRS will provide all the forms and the instructions for filling them out for free. The IRS also offers online assistance and answers to many questions. Appointments and phone help can be found based on your locality. When ordering the forms and schedules, complete instructions can be mailed to your home also.
  3. VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program).  VITA is another free site available to self-employed taxpayers. This site is also run by the IRS and is for individuals who fall into the low-income tax brackets. You can call (800) 829-1040 to find a location near you.
  4. TCE (Tax Counseling for the Elderly).  TCE is run by the AARP and is available for free by calling the AARP at (888) 227-7669. This free service is for individuals who make low to moderate income and wish to fill out a self-employed income tax return.
  5. H&R Block. If you meet the income guidelines established by the IRS and are less than 51 years old, you may qualify for free online tax preparation for self-employed individuals with H&R Block. You can locate this free income tax preparation service at the link below.
  6. TaxAct Online. Another great website willing to help the self-employed prepare a free tax return is This site requires the taxpayer to be between nineteen and 55 years old, and your income must comply with the IRS limits. You can locate the TaxAct site at the link below.



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