How To File A Sexual Harassment Complaint

If you feel you are being sexually harassed, then one useful piece of knowledge you should have is how to file a sexual harassment claim. If you are unaware of how to do this, than just read on because it is a pretty simple process, the most important is deciding that you are going to go through with it!

What you will need to file a sexual harassment complaint:

  • Records of when and where the harassment occurred
  • A lawyer who deals in sexual harassment claims
  1. The first thing you need to do is start thinking back and writing down all of the times the sexual harassment occurred. This is important because if you go in to report someone for sexually harassing you then you better have as many records as you can to back up your claim. The things you will want to include in the records of each occurrence of the sexual harassment are the time, date, place, and a short description of what actually happened. Now that you have your records of the sexual harassment, it’s time to talk to your supervisor!
  2. Talk to your supervisor or other higher up. Be sure to have all of your records of the sexual harassment with you that you acquired early. Be sure the supervisor understands that you are very serious about the claim when telling him/her about it. If they do something about it then you will probably have no more problems, but to many times you may get someone who doesn’t believe your sexual harassment claims for one reason or another. This is when you take it to a lawyer!
  3. Go to a lawyer who deals specifically in sexual harassment and other workplace claims. Once again, be sure to bring all your records and be very serious about what you want to happen. The lawyer will walk you through everything you need to know for your specific case because in some cases, a lawsuit may be involved for your place of work!



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