How To File Tax Returns For Previous Years Online

Need to know how to file tax returns for previous years online? Sadly, there's no way to file tax returns for previous years on the internet. The IRS will only accept electronically filed taxes for the current fiscal year. The best that you can hope for is to find an online service to prepare your tax returns for you, but you'll still have to print out the forms, sign them and physically mail them to the IRS. Read on to find out how to select an online tax preparation service which can help you prepare tax returns from previous years.

  1. Do an internet search for tax preparation sites that offer services related to tax returns from previous years. Online tax preparation sites may charge you as little as fifteen dollars per year, and up to fifty or more dollars per year, to prepare previous years' tax returns, so select carefully. Since you'll be filing late, it may be worth the price to have an online site guide you through the process.
  2. If you don't want to use an online tax service, there are alternatives. If you need to be led through the tax forms but don't want to use the internet, consider downloading tax preparation software for the delinquent tax year. Be sure to do your research and choose a product that has access to the appropriate forms for the years of your missing tax returns.
  3. Go to the IRS website and download the delinquent year's tax forms. If you're savvy enough to be able to figure out the taxes for your delinquent tax year, it's quite easy to download the proper form and complete it. The tax return forms are in .pdf format, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat or a similar program to open and print the forms.

Note that even if you can't pay your taxes, you should file the IRS tax forms. The IRS is fairly understanding and will work out a payment plan with you.

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