How To File For A Tax Stimulus Refund

Knowing how to file for a tax stimulus refund is no different than putting money in your wallet. Before getting started, you need to know if you have met the qualification requirements or not. Once your qualifications have been verified, claiming this extra money can happen immediately!

To file for a tax stimulus refund, you will need:

  • Federal Income Tax Return
  1. Confirm the status on your tax return thoroughly. If you have zero net income tax liability while your qualifying income is less than $3000, you will be disqualified right away. If you can be claimed as an dependent on someone's tax return, it is a no go! If you do not have a valid Social Security Number, or you are a nonresidential alien, expect nothing for sure! Lastly, if you use any of these forms for filing:1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 1040PR, 1040SS, do not be surprised if the refund never shows up!
  2. Submit your tax return to the IRS promptly. If you have done that, all you have to do is to wait! Note that the stimulus refund will be mailed separately from the regular tax refund. If you did not file a tax return, forget the chance to get this tax stimulus refund. However, there are always exceptions. This includes low-income workers, Social Security beneficiaries, certain railroad retirees and benefit receivers from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In conclusion, once you found out you are eligible for the tax stimulus refund, filing for it is an extremely easy process. Since the processing time may vary, it might take up to eight weeks for the tax stimulus refund to be available to you! Just be patient, and the money will be yours sooner or later! 



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