How To File Taxes With My Last Pay Stub

If you don’t have a W-2 from your employer, you still need to file tax returns. If for one reason or another, you cannot get copy of the W-2 to file your taxes with, you can file taxes with your last pay stub as long as you have tried to get a copy of the W-2 from the employer.

Things you will need:

  • Last paycheck stub
  • Form 4852
  1. Fill out a 4852 form, which is a substitute for a W-2 and other missing forms. In the first section, you need to enter your name and address, social security number and the year, for which the 4852 form is for. Enter your employer's name and address and the federal identification number if you know what it is from a prior W-2.
  2. Use your last pay stub to enter the information needed on lines 7a through 7j. Look under year to date (YTD) on your pay stub. If you have any pre-tax deductions such as a 401K, you will subtract that amount from the gross earnings on the stub. Enter that total on line 7a. Enter the total gross pay without deducting the pre-tax deductions on line 7b and 7c. Enter federal, state, local social security and Medicare withheld.
  3. Write an explanation on line 9. Explain that you used your last paycheck stub’s year to date to enter the amounts on line 7a through 7j.
  4. Write an explanation as to what steps you took to obtain a W-2. Write in the date that you talked with the employer and if you contacted the IRS and on what date if you did.
  5. Use the 4852 form to complete and file your federal 1040 form. The amount of income on line 7 of the 1040 will be the amount on line 7a of form 4852. The amount that you enter on line 61 of the 1040 (federal tax withheld) will be the amount on line 7f. If you had any advanced EIC payments on line 7d of the 4852 form, enter that amount on line 59 of the 1040.
  6. Use the adjusted gross income from your federal 1040 to do your state tax return. For local taxes withheld, use the amount on line 7h of the 4852 form. For state withholdings use the amount on line 7g.

Resource: 4852 Form



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