How To Fill Out A Check

Almost everyone needs to learn how to fill out a check. With the constant use of debit cards, checks seem to becoming a thing of the past. For the most part, people don't use checks. There are still those who do and it's just as good to know how to write one out anyway. Maybe you pay most of your bills online, but there is one or two that you pay using checks. Mostly older folks seem to still write checks. But, again, younger people do still write out checks for a bill or two.

  1. Know what is in your bank account No matter how much the check you are writing is for, you have to make sure you will have that amount in your checking account when the company or person goes to cash your check. If the money is not there, you get stuck paying an overdraft fee.
  2. What to write on the check You need to write the name of the person, company or the specific name on the bill on the to line of your check. Try to use decent handwriting. On the amount line you write out the amount in words; $347 is three hundred and forty seven cents. You can write even at the end of that to indicate that there are no cents or leave it out. It's probably been written either way. In the little box to the right you'll see a dollar sign. Write the numerical amount there. On the bottom left side you write the account number on the bill for your records or reference. You can also just write that it's for rent/deposit or what ever else it is. It's a record. Do not sign the check (the bottom right line) until you are good and done and ready to give the check to the intended person. If you sign the check too early, anyone can claim that it's theirs and take the money.
  3. Keep a record For your own filing and tracking, write down the check number. You don't necessarily have to do this but it helps some people. When a check cashes, it shows up online on your checking account, so writing the number isn't totally necessary.
  4. Timing Remember that checks take about three to five business days to clear. So remember that when you write out a check for a bill. If the bill is due the day of or with in a day or two, you need to take the check in person and turn it in so you don't get charged a late fee.
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